Individual Tax Preparation

- Single, Head of Household, Married Jointly, Married Separately, Families




Small Business Tax Preparation

- S Corporations

- Schedule C (LLC, Sole Propiertors, etc)

- Partnerships


Tax Strategies

- Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Consultants
- Real Estate investors
- Stock Options, RSUs and Investments
- Crypto
- Multi-State
- Education and Retirement Planning
- Estimated Taxe


Trusted Advisor 

- Financial therapist :)

- Consultations and Discussions year-round

- Advisor during life, job and family changes

- Always up for a conversation



What is the price of a return?

Pricing of each tax return is based on the complexity of the return.  We will discuss pricing during the introductory call. 


How does the process work?

We strive to make the process as stress-free and easy as possible.  We heavily rely on technology to assist in document sharing, communication, e-signatures and more!  We are a paperless tax office!


Do you offer in-person or only virtual?

With today's day and age, who really wants to go to their accountants office?  After having office space for years, our office has gone fully virtual.  If you would like to meet in-person, let's chat.


Do you work with cients around the country?

Yes!  We work with clients from coast to coast.  A vast majority of our clients are in the tri-state area and we are specialized in the multi-state taxation of NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA, etc.  However we work with clients all over the country.



Popular IRS Links for Clients 

- Payments to the IRS for estimated payments and balances due

- Access your IRS online personal account 

- Where's my refund?